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The election has been called for 7 September 2013
The federal election campaign is underway after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd visited the Governor-General and called a poll for September 7. Five weeks after he seized the Labor leadership back from Julia Gillard, Mr Rudd announced the date via an email to supporters, beginning with the phrase: "It's on." 
Australians now face a choice. And the choice couldn't be starker, Mr Rudd said in the email message. Right now the only thing standing between Australia and an Abbott-led government is you, me, and as many Australians as we can rally to fight for the kind of nation we all want to live in. With Ms Gillard as prime minister, the polls suggested an electoral wipe-out for Labor. But the polls have narrowed dramatically since Mr Rudd's ascension and a much closer contest is now in prospect. 
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